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Larry Lujack; Tommy Edwards, 1690 WRLL Berwyn IL | October 9, 2003

Identified as their first day on the air, Ole “Uncle Lar” and Tommy Edwards are reunited for the first time since their days on 89 WLS. “Real Oldies” 1690 was an attempt to bring back many of the big names of the […]

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Larry Lujack with Animal Stories; Tommy Edwards – WLS AM & FM Chicago | January 1984

Larry Lujack (June 6, 1940 – December 18, 2013) is heard once again on an excellent quality aircheck from his morning show on WLS AM and FM. This recording was made off the FM 94.7 side, so the audio is a clean […]

Tagged 1984, Animal Stories, Chicago, Larry Lujack, Tommy Edwards
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Larry Lujack in the Morning, 89 WLS Chicago | September, 1970 Reloaded

We re-post this today on the occasion of Larry Lujack’s passing on December 18, 2013 after a lengthy battle with cancer. You can read his obituary from the Chicago Tribune online Newspaper HERE, or the ABC 7 story HERE Perhaps one of […]

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Larry Lujack, WCFL Chicago | March 15, 1976 – Part 1

This recording is heard in other places around the web but is an historic broadcast for a number of reasons. First, this is posting on our website on the occasion of Larry Lujack‘s death on December 18, 2013. More importantly, however, is […]

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Composite: KJR Seattle “Channel 95” | 1966-1970

Much of this is original material donated in the Summer of 2002, in our first year on the web. Contributor Rhett Walker was there, and he remembers the fun at KJR fondly. A couple of segments in this have been available elsewhere […]

Tagged 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

Fred Winston, Dick Saint & Doug Dahlgren, 890 WLS Chicago | March 12, 1976

…There’ll be no high today, sorry…. I’m high… no no no… I’m kidding. I wish I was high… no haha just kidding… If we had a ratings system, this would get four stars! Wait! Actually, we do! Try it. This aircheck comes […]

Tagged 1976, Chicago, Dick Saint, doug dahlgren, Fred Winston

Randy Evans, 790 KJRB Spokane WA | 1977

Randy Evans is offbeat, funny and fast – in fact, this morning show is as good as any we’ve posted on this site. Greg Marshack is the newsman (listen closely just after the 8 minute mark or you’ll miss Evans mentioning his […]

Tagged 1977, Randy Evans, Spokane WA

Composite: 89 WLS Chicago | March, 1977

The late 70s. The second heyday of WLS in Chicago. By this time, WLS was the number one station in Chicago, even with FM competitors in the Top 40 format. It’s FM station at 94.7 was WDAI, an Album Rock station that […]

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