Bob James, “The Time Machine”; 66 WNBC New York | June 9, 1988 pays all fees associated with storage for more than 1,600 airchecks, streaming the Airchexx Live online radio station and hosting both associated websites. Won’t you consider a gift donation to help us defray our[…]

Eric Cheney, 94.5 WZOU Boston | February, 1985

Eric Chaney WZOU Boston First posted several years ago and now restored, this very short clip of Eric Chaney on the old WZOU brought back lots of memories! This is a mid-Winter aircheck from the[…]

Melody Meadows, (99.7) WMC-FM 100 Memphis | November, 1997

Please remember to support your favorite aircheck site! With a dozen new airchecks every week, its a great value for your money! And the site is FREE! Curator’s Notes: Its been 21 years since this[…]

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 22, 1967

Sure, this is a post update, but there’s really nothing better than hearing MusicRadio 77 from its best-loved era, with it’s best-loved jock! This begins at the tail end of WABC News, then its right[…]

Kid Corona / Jason Garrett Phoenix Composite | 1991-1995

Sent in by Mr. Garrett himself, he and Kid Corona are obviously one in the same, heard here doing CHR and Oldies in one of our rare Phoenix market presentations. Jason writes: Kid Corona first[…]

Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg, 1510 WMEX Boston | December 12, 1965

Date of Recording: 12.12.65 Station: 1510 WMEX Boston, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Arnie Ginsburg Aircheck Entry: 1,427 Comments: When radio listeners in Boston think of early Top 40 radio in their city, they don’t think[…]

Dan Ingram, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | June 24, 1998 – Part 1

East meets West! Or, to put it a different way, try to imagine yourself in 1970-something, listening to Dan Ingram on 93/KHJ. Big Dan delivered a one liner better than Robert W. Morgan! This proves[…]

The Final Demo – 1340 KATY San Luis Obispo, CA

Sounding suspiciously like it was recorded in 1976 or 77, KATY is genuinely FUN! Contributor Ron Kay fills us in: The whole idea was building a station that was very pleasant and fun to listen[…]

Harry Nelson on 98 WJBQ Portland | December 6, 1982

Hellooooo, Maine! We’re probably talking to more moose (or is it Meeces?) than people but hey you guys had some great radio too! Harry Nelson. A guy with more frequent flier miles than most flying[…]

Slammin’ Felix Sama, 96.5 WPOW “Power 96” Miami | September 17, 1996

It’s Midnight at the start this 17-minute scope of ‘Miami’s Power Station’. Primarily a Hip Hop station, at this point in time, WPOW is playing a wide variety of music pulling from several genres –[…]

Billy Burke & Terry Young – The Top 100 of 1982 on 98-Now WCAU-FM Philadelphia | December 31, 1982

In our last episode of WCAU-FM, we gave our listeners a bit of background on Philadelphia’s “Hot Hits” outlet. Mike Joseph consulted this CBS O&O, the FM sister station of the legendary 1210 WCAU, at[…]

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Updated/Revised 12/21/09 Music: If you’re looking for music, you’re out of luck. (.org/.net) complies with current copyright law with regard to serving music to the general public. This website exists as an online ‘time[…]