Change is the Only Constant…

As we move through 2018, we have many things planned for this website and the web, in general.  Lets just outline a few of them without too much detail, as I don’t want to give away all the secrets coming this Summer.

  1. Airchexx Radio. 
  2. Branded Content
  3. Jock’s Corner

Airchexx Radio is something I played around with but hadn’t refined the concept back in 2015-2016.  Sometimes it was on the web, often not.  We have neither the hardware nor software solution (yet) to make this a reality, but there is a goal to have things ready by mid-Summer.  What IS IT?  A streaming aircheck station with it’s own imaging, select music shows and even talk shows.  It’s going to be a place for radio talent to show off their skills, either with airchecks of their work, or shows they produce.  Details will be released as we get closer to the event.

Branded Content… You’ll know when you see it.

Jock’s Corner – This will be a place where air talent, past or present, gets to have their written comments about all things radio posted right here on Airchexx.  Wanna?  Use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

It’ll be an exciting Summer here and we want you to be a part of it!

Steve West
Creator and Founder of classic radio airchecks
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Recurring Donations

Airchexx Where Classic Radio LivesAs promised, the list of things needed to update and maintain this website is important to list here.  Perhaps someone can help with equipment or a donation.

  1. A studio, professional reel to reel player.  Literally, I have an early 1960s mono Wollensak home player.  It works, but It’s no good for mastering anything besides mono 3 3/4 or 7 1/2 reels.  Small reels at that.  And no, sending tapes out of house for mastering won’t cut it.  I do ALL the audio here in the home studio.
  2. Stereo Mixing Console.  Now, I’m not looking for anything fancy like a Wheatstone board.  Just need something to replace this Behringer Eurorack UB-1204.  Every pot and switch has dead zones.. in fact, I don’t dare move a slide pot out of fear the audio will disappear and never return.  No funds to replace at present.
  3. The biggie… We need a new master computer.  This system has been brought back from the dead three times now.  I built it from scratch back in 2007 and that’s a pretty long life for a production machine.  I’ve gone through four different hard drives and upgraded the DDR2 memory sticks to four gigs, but I’m not having any luck finding new hardware that will work with the old intel board.  It’s time.

Total cost for all this:  I estimate around $2,000.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Steve West

What’s New?

Our Official Facebook Page Admin has changed.  The reason for this change is that our Steve West facebook account is closing Sunday night at 6pm.  Your page admins are now Matt Seinberg and Steven E. Sawyer (my real name).  Steve West is a radio name given to me while at 94.1 WMBZ Memphis.  I simply kept using it for all these years.  It needs to retire.

To the right, there is a list of specific needs that the studio I make Airchexx must have this year in order to maintain and grow the website.  Please read and then support (with a donation) appropriately.

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This week’s Featured Jock:

Coyote McCloud

A jock who, along with his trusted sidekick Rhett Walker, turned Nashville upside down!

Today, the station that made him famous is called The River.  And why is that?  Coyote and Rhett were literally so outrageous that major American preachers based in Music City demanded the station be taken off the air!  Well… that’s the abbreviated story for brevity.  This week, we honor Coyote McCloud.  And Rhett Walker, wherever they may be!

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