Programmer’s Digest Composite, WAVZ New Haven | Summer 1973


Courtesy of Andrew Bologovsky - Thanks!

Date of Recording: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Talent: Various


As recordings go, one probably couldn’t get better than vynl. Programmer’s Digest was one of those trade publications that featured a different station each edition, and was sent out to various radio stations on a 33 1/3 LP. Featured on this edition, a composite of 13 WAVES and an entire day’s broadcast.
This starts with a fantastic WAVZ contest promo, then it’s on to the Programmer’s Digest. Its a tribute to Program Director John Long’s genius and includes a ton of promos and special WAVZ contests.

13 WAVZ New Haven


3 Replies to “Programmer’s Digest Composite, WAVZ New Haven | Summer 1973”

  1. timothy glawson

    i have recentley aguired vol 1 issue 1, 5. 11, 13, 14, vol 2 issue 4, and am asking around if anyone is interested in purchasing them , you can contack me at 706 568 0067 or email me,

  2. Bobby Rich

    All Hail The ‘Ol Skip: John Long. He rescued me from a bad situation in Miami, brought me to WAVZ, put Paul Drew’s ears on my work and orchestrated my move to KHJ. Couple of years later he made significant contributions to B100 San Diego when I signed it on in 1975. He also hired a topless hooker to dance in the control room for my last show on New Waves 13. So–yeah, I love that guy.

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