Promo: The Great Rat Roundup– KNUS Dallas | 1978

Frankly, when this posted, your webmaster falsely assumed this was a big KNUS promo. Alas, the person who says he created this piece contacted us to set the record straight. Apparently this was *NOT* used on the air. Here’s what creator Bob Buchanan says about it:

the roundup was NOT an on-air promo. it was something i created and voiced in an after hours production session. it was in response to the rats that had died in the mclenden theater/studios over the weekend when exterminators put out poison.

by the way, it was done in 1978…not 79…while i had a brief stop at knus. i returned to kvil as ops manager until late 79.

We stand corrected. But… GREAT PIECE!

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2 Replies to “Promo: The Great Rat Roundup– KNUS Dallas | 1978”

  1. bruce buchanan

    i am the creator and voice of this promo…it was never aired. this was a joke because of the odor created when the exterminator left poison out for the rats that ran through the old theater/studio. bart mclenden actually wanted us to use it on the air. we never did!

    • Steve West

      What creativity! This is one of my favorite pieces on the site and, well, yes maybe you guys should have aired it! Maybe make a whole station promo and contest out of it!!

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