“Psychedelic Sunday”, 107.1 CILQ Toronto | February 2, 1986

107.1 Toronto CILQ Q107

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of Recording: 02.02.1986 / 1145am to 12:30pm
Station: 107.1 CILQ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Format: Album Rock
Featured Air Personalities: Derringer, Andy Frost
Contributor: Russ Horton
Airchexx Entry: 1,464

…We’ll be taking 107 phone calls at that point


This high-quality cassette recording came to us via contributor Russ Horton on a TDK D-90 tape. You won’t notice hardly any tape noise or hiss. So much for the quality. Most of you may remember that weekend programming on most old fashioned AOR stations was special. Remember shows like the King Bisquit Flour Hour, Rockline, and other, locally programmed specials. At CILQ (“Rock Radio” Q107) Toronto, one such feature was Psychedelic Sunday. The show started at Noon on Sundays and here on this recording, was hosted by Andy Frost.

107.1 Toronto CILQ Q107


  1. John

    Sorry, but this doesn’t sound like psychedelic music to me. A tad disappointed.

  2. John

    Ok pardon me.. i stand corrected. I didn’t realize this extended some 35 plus mins. I just heard it open w/ Bryan Adams; and thought there was some mistake.

  3. John

    Killer organ intro at 34m:41s. Now that’s the kinda’ stuff that lights me up! I don’t picture Toronto or Canadians digging this sorta’ stuff, but cool to hear they once did.

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