October 18, 2021

8 thoughts on “Uncle Johnny, 94.5 WZOU Boston | April 23, 1985

  1. I still have my Z94 T shirt, given to me by one of their DJ’s in Government Ctr in around 1986. Across the back of it in blue reads: Boston’s 10 in a row music station. I also remember WHTT. Whenever I’m in Boston these days I tend to tune to WBCN.


    Tim Merritt.

    Guildford, Surrey, Ehgland.

  2. I have a tape floating around that I made in ’91, that consisted of the contest tag “Get out of the cold, and get set to Sun Your Buns…Lock It In on your Number 1 Vacation Station! 94 point 5..W Z O U….BOSTON!” LOL

    It has J.R. In the Morning’s song intro (Get Your Head, Outta Bed…) Human Numann’s joke intro/ Karen Blake’s Intro, a cut of Lucy Hill doing the traffic.

    I loved that station!

    1. Well… the post plays, so we have that. Yes. The tape is put away somewhere but the studio is a disaster area (because I’m frankly too damn lazy to clean it) and it might take a while to find. Oh but honestly, what you hear on this aircheck is exactly how it was submitted. I wish I’d had three different unscoped tapes of all three stations – yes, there’s some Kiss-108 CHR on here too. I’m right with ya, Clark.

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