Bob Raleigh Jr., 1580 WPGC Morningside MD | Undated

Here’s two minutes of Bob Raleigh Jr. on WPGC. There are just two quick breaks here, and we really don’t get a feel for the real tempo of the station since this is an ‘oldies’ segment done at 11AM daily. I can’t give you a date on this although I suspect it’s from sometime in the early 70s.

Now I’m really stumped. Bob Raleigh Jr.? So, father and son worked at WPGC. There are listeners in the Capitol region who know far more than I do, so here’s your chance to post your memories of the old WPGC and Bob Raleigh – Sr. or Jr.! Post your opinions in the comment section below.


  1. lou

    Bob Raleigh, while in DC, left his station to go work crosstown at a competitor.

    The station he was leaving (WPGC?), responded by putting someone else on in his time slot using the SAME NAME! Tiger Bob Raleigh.

    They may have discovered that the replacement BR didn’t necessarily sound like him, or the papers were picking up on the impostor, so maybe they made started using the “Jr.”?

    The other aircheck on this site doesn’t sound at ALL like Boston’s Bob Raleigh, so I am assuming that was the “replacement’ BR.

  2. james

    Bob Raleigh was a station name used at WPGC. Actually, according to the WPGC tribute website, there were six different jocks who used the name.

  3. This aircheck is from the Fall of 1970. Bob Raleigh, Jr. (Dewitt Robert Raleigh) was the 6th of 6 jocks to use this house name at WPGC, and did so while Bob Raleigh Sr. (#5) (Bill Miller) still worked at the station (in fact, he’s the voice on the 1st National Bank of Southern Maryland commercial heard on this tape!).

    WPGC tried to con listeners into believing the pair were father and son, when nothing could be further from the truth! When ‘Jr.’ left the station in 1971, Bill Miller quickly dropped the ‘Sr.’ suffix.

    The complete 7:21 tape and details of all 6 ‘Bob Raleighs’ can be found here:


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