Chuck Browning, KFMB-FM ‘B-100’ San Diego | April 1976

100.7 San Diego KFMB-FM

“B100 FM with the Original Chucker…” And you’re asking where we dug this up?! Too bad this is only about three minutes long. Chuck Browning was heard all over America within and outside the RKO chain of radio stations, including WXLO New York and KFRC San Francisco, both of which are posted right here on!


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California Aircheck



  2. Boogie Brother

    Chucker’s handoff for a set to ‘Johnny Toot’ is actually to John Driscoll

  3. Dave Roddy

    Chuck and I were good friends in grammar school and high school in Memphis. We played in a rock band along with Jay Cook. Chuck and I followed Jay into broadcasting. Chuck was responsible for getting me my first on the air position in Knoxville. I really miss those guys. Great to hear this clip. Thanks.


    I have QuickTime 7.1.5 on an Imac 10.4.8, but I can’t play the Chuck Browning B100 aircheck.

    • Hash Gordon

      Art of Phoenix fame.. let’s get in touch!

  5. For all… In order to play any of the newer airchecks since April ’06, you must have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple. This SHOULD work on an Imac, although I have never tested it on that platform. If you have trouble and airchecks won’t play, try making sure you get the standalone version of Quicktime WITHOUT the bundled I-Tunes software.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Larry

    I first heard the Chucker when he came to WMCA after the Goodguys were dropped in the late 60s. I liked him then and years later when I heard airchecks of him on KFRC, KHJ and WFIL where he was the first morning man after they went top 40 in 1966.

    The Chucker rocks. To bad he is no longer with us although thanks to tribute sites like this one, we can still enjoy his great work.

  7. Tomm

    Just found this (8/9/12) & recalled a crazy but GREAT/GIANT talent. Worked with the man 2x in my 40+ career. He was a good friend & always fun to be with. I was (mornings)@ KROY-FM the year he passed…I spent every free weekend with he Melanie. Was with “Chucker” laughing till tears flowed the weekend before he passed.
    He was the “best of the best”!

  8. GC

    Just installed QT 7 as standalone and clip still stops after 1 sec of play…Help!!!

  9. Joe Crain

    Notice on this aircheck all the legal ID’s are said as “K-F-M-B – FM, San Diego”. It wouldn’t be much later — perhaps later in 76, certainly by 77 — that the B-100 jocks would start saying “K-FM, B-FM, San Diego” at the top of the hour. Always thought “K-FM, B-FM, San Diego” sounded SO COOL, especially by jocks like Shotgun Tom Kelly!

  10. Tom Watson

    I started my radio career in my hometown of Memphis Tennessee.”The Chucker”, Chuck Browning also was starting out in the mid 60’s on WHHM in Memphis. He was a great person and jock back then and only got better over the years. Jay Cook (WFIL, Gannett) was a Big influence on Chuck and his career as well as mine. WOW, how radio has changed! LOVE this B100 aircheck !!

  11. kevc

    Enjoyed listening to the Chucker on KFRC in SF.
    Very funny without being mean.

  12. jimi Fox

    El Chuckero …
    I got to work long side Chuck Browning, as his Music Director and early evening air talent on KUPD in Phoenix. I recall one morning the news man came down sick. So, Chucker, jumped into action and went on as; J. Paul Sniff. If you knew the Chucker, he put the petal to the metal and ran with the sucker. There was not a one of us on the staff with a straight face all day … It was endless laughter as he deliberately snorting through those newscasts.

    He also helped us kick-off B-100 FM in San Diego and He helped kick off TEN-Q In Los Angeles. He was everybody’s hero and in my mind the most emulated top forty talent ever.

    Jimi Fox

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