Darryl B, 800 CKLW Windsor, Ontario | Sometime 1970

Its the heyday of “The Big 8” and the Drake format is alive and well in this 3 minute QuickCheck of CKLW. The Motor City is used as CKLW’s legal ID, and time/temperatures are given for both cities. This is ORIGINAL gold from RKO’s Canadian outlet – heard up and down the eastern seaboard. We don’t remember Darryl B., but he certainly fits in on this “Million Dollar” Weekend!

Thanks to contributor Paul Ford in Michigan.

The Big 8 - CKLW!

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  1. Paul Ford

    I’m guessing this had to have been broadcasted during late Spring… or Summer… by hearing the term (daylight savings time) and the Detroit Tigers-Cleveland Indians baseball score.
    This aircheck really takes me back to the day in my teens.

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