QuickCheck: J.R. Russ on 1230 WECK Cheektowaga NY | Undated


Here’s a very young J.R. Russ on Buffalo suburban WECK. The recording is distorted, probably due to the receiver being tuned slightly off frequency. It’s interesting to note that this station, while likely not trying to compete with then powerhouse WKBW, is playing some of the same music.

WECK is still around today. lists it as Classic Country, but in programming notes, the only item listed is for Polkas. How many stations out in suburban areas tried right up till the 80s to program a semi-contemporary music format, only to find that by the early 80s they were pretty much irrelevant, do you suppose? Nonetheless, this is the radio we all remember, for good or bad and frankly, it’s refreshing to remember how many of us got our start in this radio business.


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