September 27, 2021

9 thoughts on “QuickCheck: Russ O’Hara, KRLA Los Angeles | June 12, 1969

  1. Russ is filling in for Reb Foster (a Los Angeles legend at KFWB and KRLA), not Rob.

    The KFRC jock was Bob Foster.

    And, during this period, summer and fall 1969, KRLA came the closest to beating KHJ that they ever did.

  2. PS: KFWB switched to all-news in March, 1968. In 1969, it was KHJ, KRLA and KDAY. KHJ was #1, KRLA #3 and KDAY unrated in the fall Pulse numbers.

  3. You can hear the influence of Lee Baby Simms on Russ O’Hara at this point at KRLA , Old Doc Frail was his alter ego during this regime , Russ O Hungry was very sharp in the more upbeat format , here he sounds like he is adapting to all of the influences of a stoned station , I was at KCRW FM as a student during this Russ O’Air-a

  4. Doc Frail was a bit later after We both worked WMYQ
    MIAMI , I’m guessing he went back to KRLA with Shadow
    in 1974? Lee worked many stations on multiple tours , miss Lee, Russ was in Palm Springs last I heard on an oldies station , was also involved in a Bob Morgan Vegas Internet radio show.

  5. Chris: Wrong. KHJ was number 1 by fall of ’65. Took ’em six months. In the fall of 1966, KHJ was #1 with a 9.0. KRLA was tied for 4th with a 7.0. Fall of ’67, KHJ #1 with a 9.0—KRLA #5 with a 6.0. Fall ’68, KHJ #1 with a 13.0, KRLA #8 with a 4.0.

    KMET was #19 with a 1.5 in the fall of 1975. KHJ didn’t lose overall to another contemporary music station until 1977….and it was KLOS that beat them. KHJ had fallen to 8th place with a 3.5. KMET still had a 2.8.

    It was 1978 that was KMET’s year. Fourth place with a 4.9. KHJ was down to 12th with a 2.7.

  6. I have to disagree, in 1971 under programmer Shadoe Stevens KRLA was nipping at KHJ’s heels.

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