QuickCheck: WNMB-FM/WGSN-AM B105.9 Myrtle Beach | August 3, 2000

106.5 Myrtle Beach Georgetown WSYN Sunny 106.5 Michael Parnell Brian White

105.9 Myrtle Beach WNMBDate of Recording: 08.03.2000
Station(s): 105.9 WNMB; (Wikipedia) 1450 WGSN Myrtle Beach SC (Wikipedia)
Format: Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC)
Branded: “Sunny 106.5”
Featured Air Personality: None
Total Time: 10:15 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 113

Curator’s Notes:

I knew very little about WNMB-FM other than that I had a cassette of a Hot AC station called B-94 from 2000. At the time this first posted on airchexx over ten years ago, Wikipedia said there was the Bob and Sheri show mornings in 2000, but mentions no other jocks. (*The record has been updated since.) Perhaps that explains this format of adult hit music, with nothing but liners between the songs for the entire 45 minutes of this recording.

If you’re confused by the logos, it might be because the call letters and format shifted around a bit, so the history of this AM/FM simulcast is a bit confusing, even to me. The bottom logo appears to be the current AM/FM combo which is different than the one in this aircheck.

In all, this is a very unimpressive and rather disappointing aircheck. Its a good example of where radio was headed, just four years after Telcom ’96. Still, if you remember this station, you might have heard it in this incarnation, just before it switched to easy listening. Perhaps there are some fond memories of Myrtle Beach in this recording.

106.5 Myrtle Beach WGSN Sunny

1450 Myrtle Beach WRNN


  1. Joe

    This station doesn’t exist anymore. It’s been WEZV for years. In fact, WNMB switched just one month after this aircheck, in September, to its current “Easy” format.

    WGSN simulcasted WNMB, but now, it’s a great oldies station, in AM Stereo, WNMB-AM 900.

    It has lots of good music plus HS football.

  2. Phil

    The fact that you know very little about WNMB-FM is obvious. This is strictly an imaging composite not an “aircheck”.(with some production looped into it which was highly edited by someone else. I doubt know who imaged this 3k, then 6k, and near the end a 25k dynamite little radio station.
    Listen and learn kid. It may help you someday. (If you survive(d) the business)

    • Phil, I could have easily deleted this rather rude comment. Perhaps I worded my writeup the wrong way. Many of the tapes I receive… actually, almost all the tapes I get in the mail have very little in the way of description other than the cassette label. No, I DON’T know the station, having only been to Myrtle Beach once. I can only judge what I hear. Further, this ‘imaging composite’ was squeezed in between live airchecks of other stations, so I assumed this was a regular aircheck.

      This ‘kid’ as you call me did 31 years in radio until the last of the jobs dried up. After my last full time gig without benefits, I got a ‘real’ job in manufacturing. Its not my career field, but it pays the bills and provides insurance. Which is better, unfortunately, than radio has become.

      Sorry that I offended you by the write up, you obviously have had a long association with the station, its personalities or both. Next time, however, you ‘could’ privately email me with the proper details so I could change it online.

  3. Trent Fogle

    I do remember B105.9. Bob & Sherry were on in the Morning. Then it was Phil hompson Middays. Mich Adams Afternoons. Dave Dobson Evenings. Jockless Overnights. That’s probably when this aircheck was taped. And Craig Russ Was on the Weekends. Probably voice tracked. They also ran on Saturday Nights, Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s followed by Kidd Kelley’s Backtrax U.S.A. I think they ran Casey Casum as well at the time but I’m not quite sure. I’m from Ohio, But I visited the Myrtle Beach area every Summer. And That’s how I knew of then B105.9. Loved the Station. I would not ofton change it when I was down there.

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