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QuickChexx: Charlie Tuna, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles | 1979

Good morning, 9:03 with Charlie Tuna, on L.A.’s Original Rock & Roll Radio Station

Here’s a very short and somewhat muddy recording that I think was made sometime in 1979. Could have been ’78.

Digging around, I (re)found this interesting page on Ten-Q on // While it doesn’t go into great detail of AM 1020’s long history, there’s enough to understand the short, but rapid rise of Ten-Q from 1976-1979 as a Top 40 radio station. And, as the writers point out, KTNQ and KHJ are and have been Spanish competitors for a couple of decades.

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5 thoughts on “QuickChexx: Charlie Tuna, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles | 1979

  1. The date’s right…Charlie says June 3rd. In 1978, he was still at KHJ. In 1980, KTNQ no longer was in English. So 1979 it is.

    KHJ is no longer Spanish-language. They were sold to Immaculate Heart Radio this spring and are now carrying English-language Catholic programming.

  2. Having heard Sister Sledge’s “We are Family”, I’d say this aircheck was made somewhere around mid-’79. That was also the fight song for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who won the World Series that year. I liked what Charlie Tuna said at 1:26 about seventeen being old enough to get into trouble but not to be held for it. As you may know, Charlie Tuna was an announcer for “Wheel of Fortune” at one time.

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