QuickChexx: Joe McCoy, 98.7 WOR-FM New York | Winter, 1972

98.7 New York WOR-FM

Continuing where the Mark Driscoll aircheck left off, here’s former CBS-FM Programmer Joe McCoy doing his thing on WOR-FM! It’s a snowy Winter day in the Big Apple and Joe’s going to be giving away a top-10 album ‘very soon’ – don’t miss it!

98.7 New York WOR-FM

Airchexx.com gratefully thanks Contributor Steve Bleecker for donating this high-quality aircheck to the archives. Mr. Bleecker in turn would like to thank Andy Kitchen for providing him with tape decks, reel to reel machines, etc., in order that he could master the tapes he sent in to us. And, finally, Steve Bleecker and Airchexx wish to thank Mr. Henry Frick, whose efforts in recording this aircheck and many others like it are ultimately the reason this recording is in our archive to begin with. Or, to put it in Contributor Steve Bleecker’s own words,

“I need to Publicly say “Thanks Much” to Mr. Henry Frick, who is now retired, and living with his wife of many years, in Ft. Worth Texas. Before his long and Successful Career in Railroading…Henry and I were Curry College Buddies in Milton, Mass., and so many of the tapes I now have been able to share were given to me many years ago…and were painstakingly recorded by Henry, either while he was at school, in Milton, or in Greenwich, Conn., at his parent’s home. So…we are so Very Grateful, Henry ! Thank You !”

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  1. Tony

    Still Drake infected, but Joe McCoy makes Rick Shaw sound like a beginning.

    But I still prefer the pre-Drake format.

    Thanks for the memories.


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