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Johnny Driscoll, WCFL Chicago | 1974


Enter John Driscoll (Jock, Consultant & Airchexx Contributor). Talk about HIGH ENERGY! Driscoll easily gives John Records Landecker over at crosstown WLS a run for his money.

This is 1974. WCFL was owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor. I always thought it interesting that a labor union could own a radio station. Actually, WCFL had a very storied history promoting blue collar workers in Chicago going back to the 1940s, but that’s another story. By the time the 1960s & 70s came along, WCFL was solidly onboard the Top 40 train.

11 thoughts on “Johnny Driscoll, WCFL Chicago | 1974

  1. Judging by the hits and “The NEW CFL” jingles, I think this was more like April or May 1975.

    What is that bed under the “Where the music counts for cash” promo? Wasn’t it a TV theme? I believe it also turns up in a scene from one of the “Kill Bill” movies.

    I’m repeatedly listening to the end of “Shining Star”. Really playing loose with the letters!

    Love it! Great 70s radio!

  2. Always great to hear top 40 radio with the big ballsy radio voices!! Smoking. Not like what passes for CHR now where all the jocks want to sound like Ryan Seacrest with the “natural sound”.

    1. This actually happens a lot. I post these based upon the information given by the contributor, or whats written on the tape. But you guys out in listener land… you are the ones that often nail down the exact date. As always, a big help!

  3. I worked for John at WZuu in Milwaukee. He was a great PD, but was a real prick after 11pm when he’d call on the hotline. Overall good experience, but he could have been nicer. Great Jock and aircheck though.

  4. Driscoll has always sounded best when he has copy or a script in front of him. He’s really not bright enough to work without a safety net. Big voice, big coke habit, but negligible personality — unless it’s written down in front of him. I worked for him at Y108 in Denver and he was a hotline freak…much of that was chemically induced.

  5. In, oh, ’74 or ’75 I was working the 6 to midnight “progressive rock” shift on a small FM in upstate NY. A friend turned me onto Johnny Driscoll and whaddya know, we could pick up WCFL (at least at night) on a regular ol’ AM radio all the way over in Elmira. Many a night I’d play long uninterrupted sets – uninterrupted because I was listening to Driscoll on my AM in the studio. What a voice! What timing! He was probably one of the best Top-40 jocks I’ve ever heard.

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