QuickChexx: Richie Norris, 980 WTRY Troy (Albany) | February, 1987

980 Troy Albany WTRY

When people in the Albany NY area think of their favorite AM radio stations growing up, the first one that comes to mind is usually 1540 WPTR. The next one, undoubtedly, is 980 WTRY. Never a runner-up, at least in presentation, ‘TRY ran Top 40 until sometime in late 1983 or 84. By the time this short aircheck was recorded, WTRY was solidly All-Oldies, a format that would remain well past the year 2000.

Here’s a quick listen to Richie Norris. We don’t know what daypart this is from, but we do know its from the month of February, 1987.

We have another aircheck of WTRY. You can listen to Rick Mitchell’s final show on what was billed as “MusicRadio 98 WTRY” from 1979 HERE.