99.7 WMC-FM,Memphis QuickChexx: Rob Grayson, WMC-FM 100 (99.7) Memphis

QuickChexx: Rob Grayson, WMC-FM 100 (99.7) Memphis

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While this was submitted without a date, something tells me that it was recorded sometime around the 2006-07 timeframe, likely just after your webmaster left the station – and Memphis – for good.

Here’s another glimpse into FM-100’s “Whatever Weekend”, a take on the once wildly popular ‘Jack-FM’ format. Really, just a retro 80s/90s classic hits weekend format which included a few currents and recurrents, this part-time Jack-ish format worked very well, and for all I know, might STILL be on the air.

Rob Grayson is one of our most recent contributors, who has opened our time portal to the mid 1970s so we can hear what RKO General’s WHBQ sounded like in its prime. He also has other airchecks here that we’d like you to check out. Now, listen to something fairly recent from Grayson as we listen to one of my favorite stations, WMC-FM, “FM-100”!

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  1. Rob Grayson COOKs here! Loved the fast paced energy and great music. What is the package/producer that the top hour bed and weather bed came from? That top hour is one of the best of all time, IMHO.

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