QuickChexx: Robert Gray, 56 WHBQ Memphis | October 31, 1977

560 Memphis WHBQ Rob Grayson Chris Curtis George Kline Jack Parnell

Rob Grayson WKNO-TV, WHBQ, WMC-FM Memphis
Rob Grayson at WKNO-TV Memphis
Date of Recording: 10.31.1977
Station: 56 WHBQ Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Featured Air Talent: Rob Grayson (Robert Gray) (WHBQ, WMC-FM, WKNO-FM/TV, others)
Contributor: Rob Grayson
Aircheck Entry: 1,110 (Repost at 1,450) (What does this mean? (1))

I’m heading back to my coffin till next year


Contributor Rob Grayson checks in with a coveted couple of audio snippets we pasted together into one, three-minute scope of RKO General’s Memphis outlet, 56 WHBQ.

As many, we’re sure, would attest, the RKO stations all had that trademark sound, a perfectly clean audio chain, no reverb, and jocks who were encouraged to be a funny and creative on air as possible. This is no exception.

It was a WONDERFUL time for this radio station, Rick Dees had gone to Hollywood, ratings were up and on air, it all sounded so magical. Especially after you listen, that RKO General was the Clear Channel of it’s time. The difference is, the operating practices were opposite of how things happen today. RKO invested in PEOPLE and PROGRAMMING. Today it’s the bottom line. And it showed up in something you heard every day. And it sounded like this…

560 Memphis WHBQ


  1. al stidham

    Keep the WHBQ airchecks coming! I fondly remember tuning in mornings from 200 miles away just to listen to Rick Dees show fading in and out. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Rob Grayson

    Thanks for asking! The Robert Grey name was “baggage” I brought with me when I came from WJDX in Jackson, MS. This was Halloween 1977. Within a year and a half, I was at Rock 103 under my own name, and spent most of the 80’s there. I moved into studio engineering, but kept a presence on Memphis radio part time, mainly at FM100. At this time, I am the local host for Morning Edition on WKNO-FM.

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