RadioMaxMusic Classic Radio & Rock Montage | 2004

RadioMaxMusic Internet Radio
Date of Recording: 2004 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: RadioMaxMusic (Internet Only)
Format: Classic Hits
Featured Air Personality: None
Airchexx Entry: 1,487


One of our more popular features are the music/jingle montages. We have only a small handful posted here, but this week we have two to add into our archives just ahead of a massive flush of new classic radio airchecks.

The back story on this one is this. Sometime around 2003 or 2004 I started doing weekly shows for, an internet station based in New Jersey, and run by Ron Kovacs. I honestly don’t remember the exact date as my memory is getting pretty bad these days, but the date on this archival CD I burned says 2004. I remember doing this from a little work studio on what would be a junk computer by today’s standards that I put in a corner of my bedroom where I lived in Millington, TN at the time. I truly have no idea what the heck I was thinking at the time, other than to perhaps put something interesting into one of my shows. I threw in old WABC and WCBS-FM jingles and a ton of that station’s imaging – lots of it done by John Paul Stevenson whom I worked with at then Cumulus Memphis Radio Group. And man, did JPS go places after Memphis, becoming the stadium announcer for the Houston Rockets. I believe he’s back in Memphis announcing for the Tigers now – but I can’t find him on Facebook any longer. What a set of pipes!

This starts like a lot of old montages do… at the dawn of the Rock era but it moves through the 60s and 70s pretty quickly, and spends more time in the 90s up to 2004. So, if you’re a younger person whose a fan of more recent music, this will really appeal to you.

DCMA note: There’s not one music clip here that lasts more than 3 seconds. I think that should keep us out of trouble

– Steve West
Creator of the RadioMaxMusic Classic Radio & Rock Montage


  1. Mike McGann

    Nice production work! I love well done montages, ever since the Drake/Chenault History of Rock and Roll in the 70s. I have done several of these just for my own listening pleasure. Doing it on digital software makes it easier technically, can barely remember the days of 2 track and 4 track tape. Really like the flow and jingle use. Again WELL DONE !

  2. Jay Philpott

    I think you mean the DMCA: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act 🙂 Mad respects…JP

    • What did I say? DCMA? Hahahaha… I got my terms twisted (and after just watching Jack Armstrong do his thing on KB I really am twisted!!!). DCMA refers to the military rep who makes sure we do the right things building blackhawks down at the shop (shhhhh… it’s a military secret that nobody is supposed to know – ok just kidding but it sounds good!). But, yeah. DMCA. That thingy that killed Napster or something like that!!!

  3. Randall Underwood

    Great compilation….that was cool.

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