660 WNBC,New York,The WNBC Time Machine Dan Taylor and the WNBC “Time Machine” | September 12, 1987

Dan Taylor and the WNBC “Time Machine” | September 12, 1987

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Its been said that nobody could imitate WABC’s Dan Ingram. If anyone could get close, though, Dan Taylor could. VERY close!

In this edition of the WNBC Time Machine, Larry Scott opens with News On The Hour featuring some interesting stories about people long gone now. Terri Raskin reports WNBC Traffic & Transit, then there’s WNBC Instant Weather from the National Weather Service. Then, there’s the Classic Hits of the 60s with Dan Taylor! Now, everything you hear, from the way the jingles are positioned to the drop-ins and Taylor’s sense of humor might not have intentionally mimicked Big Dan Ingram, but its an uncanny coincidence if not! In some ways, Dan Taylor does Ingram BETTER! No wonder Taylor was picked as WCBS-FM’s morning man for a couple of years before Scott Shannon arrived.

The aircheck closes with WNBC news, again. You’ll hear newsman Alan Walden (WBAL Baltimore) as a correspondence in New Orleans, attending a giant Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul (the FIRST!). Notice how the political issues haven’t changed all that much over the years…

Aircheck #1,330 since May 2, 2002!

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  1. For the last eight years of WHN’s existence, I was a big country fan. On July 1, 1987, WHN became WFAN, and WYNY (WNBC’s sister station) became country. Having said all that, I well remember when Dan Taylor was on WHN: in fact, he was the last deejay at WHN.I really liked the time machine. Here’s where it gets good. I’ve lived in West Virginia all my life, so I couldn’t get WNBC during the daytime, but about once a month, I’d call Big Jay Sorensen, and he’d joke about my being a hillbilly: in fact he said people in NYC got a kick out of my southern accent. Wouldn’t trade those days for being US President.

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