Rich Hawkins, WCAU-FM ’98-Now’ Philadelphia | December, 1984

98.1 FM Philadelphia 98 Now WOGL WCAU-FM

Hot Hits (tm), WCAU-FM '98-Now' Philadelphia

Somewhere in our vault of yet-to-be-posted airchecks, we have more recordings of WCAU-FM, and the ‘Hot Hits’ ™ format from other stations around the country, which consultant Mike Joseph propelled to huge ratings success in the 1980s. For now, however, let us be the beneficiaries of a great show put on my late morning jock Rich Hawkins. It’s December on this tape, and everything is gearing up for Christmas. Listen to the number of commercials – at least three breaks in this hour with both produced and live reads (live? oh, there’s a concept!). Listen to the amount of reverb WCAU-FM is using. This is 1984 and the station is red hot – truly Philadelphia’s only REAL Top 40 hit station of any consequence at this point in it’s existence.

You’ll hear a promo for Terry Young (Sirius/XM) about 2/3rds of the way through this. Stereo, runs 14:20, scoped.


  1. sergio gerardi montreal quebec canada

    Good day:

    I have airchecks edited to commercials and announcers v/o on 4 track cassette that i can transfer to mp3.

    thanks Sergio Gerardi

  2. Good Morning,I missed listening to Rich Hawkins Billy Burke Bill O’Brien Jefferson Ward & WCAU FM. but I finally found my old friends of WCAU FM on & listens to them.

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