Rick Hammel and Kevin O’Brien, CJJD Hamilton ONT, Canada | 1972

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks - Thanks!Good radio knows no bounds, and our good neigbors to the north had an abundance of great radio stations with awesome talent.

Back in ’72, one can really get a feel for how radio worked, and still works in Canada – hits you won’t remember (for U.S. listeners) because they were Canadian artists, of which the CTRC, Canada’s radio regulating body similar to the U.S. FCC, mandated a certain percentage of. It actually works well for Canadian groups who otherwise would never even get a shot on American radio or labels. I digress.

This recording sounds like someone simply put a mic in front of a radio speaker. Didn’t we all do that at one time or another before we knew any better??

CJJD-AM Hamilton Ontario

Chuck Matthews Voiceovers

Cool Mouse Productions

100% Customized Radio Imaging

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  1. Jimmy Joe

    Amazing – I loved it.

    Most of this is from May, 1979.

    (Young drivers advert refers to Tuesday May 1 and Rod Stewart concert on May 6 – both happened in 1979.)

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