Robert C Allen III on 600 WCAO Baltimore | February 11 1971

Robert C Allen III on 600 WCAO Baltimore | February 11 1971

WCAO 600 Baltimore – Robert C Allen III – Febuary 11 1971

This aircheck features radio legend Robert C Allen III (Robert C. Alianiello) who spent many years on air up & down the east coast under several different names.

-He created the radio on-air name of Bob Allen & broadcast from Springfield, Massachusetts, on WHYN in the early 1960s. -In 1964, he landed at WEAM Radio in Washington, D.C., using the name Russ Wheeler, and he introduced The Beatles at D.C. Stadium on Aug. 15, 1966.

-After a very short stint at KDKA Pittsburgh, he returned to D.C., and WPGC, where he operated middays as Bob Peyton, on a show called “Peyton’s Place,” in 1967.

-Later that same year, he also returned to WEAM for a while as Russ Wheeler.

-During the summer of 1967 he moved again to WFIL/Famous 56 in Philadelphia as Bob Allen.

-By 1968, he jumped cross town to 99 WIBG, and became became Tony Edward.

-In 1969 he grew tired of changing jobs and cities, and moved to Baltimore & AM 60 WCAO. He took a name, close to his own, Robert C. Allen III. Mr. He got the morning drive-time slot and became a fixture at the station for years. Years later, he spent time at WLPL & WBAL. He passed on in January 2023. -Ellis


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