Rock 101-9 WRXP New York: Farewell, Part 3 | July 14, 2011


This starts out with an emotional Steve Craig saying his farewell as the Rock Show comes to a final conclusion. A quick legal ID & a couple of songs, and the rest of the day picks up, as WRXP goes out with a bang.

A couple of quick notes here. First, it is kind of pointless to post every song and every break, although for posterity I would have (and still might if I get some extra time), except that WRXP’s signal was suffering through serious interference on July 14. Sometimes the very atmosphere itself works against us and while this was a good day for ‘DX enthusiasts’, it didn’t help us in our efforts to record the final day of 101-9 RXP. Also, while we do technically have the final goodbye of the day, that will post over at our sister site, the Format Change Archive sometime soon. For now, just enjoy the memories.

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