590 KFXM,San Bernadino Rockin’ Ron Kay & Soupy Sales, 590 KFXM San Bernardino, CA | December, 1977

Rockin’ Ron Kay & Soupy Sales, 590 KFXM San Bernardino, CA | December, 1977

From brand new Contributor Keith Teicher, here’s a crystal clear recording of KFXM (AM 590). This is a very funny show – and considering your webmaster never heard of KFXM before this, it’s a GREAT find!

The exact date of this broadcast is in question, but Rockin’ Ron says it’s New Year’s weekend… so it’s gotta be the 30th or 31st of December ’77. Most of the music on this scope would be huge hits in ’78. There are no jingles heard on this station, just warm bodies, great voices and stacks of records. Soupy Sales stops by on Rockin’ Ron’s show on the first couple of breaks.

If I could be given the opportunity to go back in time and step off the elevator with my memory intact, it would be right here. What a good aircheck!

Thanks, Keith!

11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Ron Kay & Soupy Sales, 590 KFXM San Bernardino, CA | December, 1977”

  1. I’ll have to listen later, but some background:

    Although San Bernardino/Riverside is only 60 miles from Los Angeles, it is and always has been its own separate radio market.

    In the 60s and for most of the 70s, KFXM and KMEN were in a full-scale Top 40 battle. Ron Jacobs, KHJ’s first Boss Radio PD, had programmed KMEN previously, and a lot of L.A. talent came in through the backdoor of San Bernardino/Riverside.

    Rockin’ Ron Kay knocked around smaller California markets prior to KFXM. He was at KOBO, Yuba City (about 50 miles north of Sacramento) and KATY, San Luis Obispo. What happened after KFXM? Google him and you’ll only find two mentions…this aircheck and a blog written by a guy who worked for him at KATY.

    Maybe he left the business, maybe he picked up a new air name and continued on. I heard him on KOBO and thought he was very good and very funny.

    1. Hey Boys and Girls…I don’t know if I gave up on Radio or it gave up on me. Sure was good times, though. I stopped playin’ the hits and talkin dirty in mid 77. Moved to Sacramento, became a Buffalo Chip Entrepreneur and had a short lived TV show; KRBK’s Disasterpiece Theater. They screwed me, I quit. Spent from 1985 to 2005 as a consumer product broker in Sacramento. Did early retirement in 2005.

        1. ….thanks, Marie…..and I’d have to say that my couple years at k145/kobo Yuba City….75-76 was the best time I ever had in radio…..the manager and staff were the most fun and talented group I had the pleasure of working with. Huge Talents and great camaraderie. And the listeners were the best, too. They always supported all the promotional things we did….AND we had several advertisers that were an absolute joy to work with. It seems like “everybody got the joke” and played along. A disk jockey’s dream come true.

  2. Got a chance to listen…this is two airchecks…when you hear Carly Simon the second time at 4:45 in, it’s a different day…and it’s the 6 AM hour instead of the 7 AM and 8 AM hour (when Soupy Sales was in).

    He says it’s a Wednesday, so it would be December 28, 1977.

    Ron’s just like I remember him in afternoons on KOBO in the summer of ’76.

    1. the airchecks are almost always bulleted from an entire shift or several days worth….

      I don’t remember the exact day Soupy “guested”, but he was in town doing dinner theater..”The Pajama Game”.

      Although, it sounded like he was in the studio, he came in earlier and laid down some voice tracks for me to use. I tried to make it sound like he was with me, but never claimed it was live. ahhhhhh the illusions of Amplitude Modulated ray-dee-oh!

      K…..F…..X……M The BEST music, if you like 28 song playlists, about carefully 100 focus grouped oldies…..and prize giveaways every time you fart.

  3. Why is that one dude’s picture on a good portion of the airchecks lately? Is that a young Steve? Help me out with this someone.

    1. That is one of the google ads I have on the site. It’s supposed to rotate to something else. I’ll work on that tonight and see if I can manually rotate it off.

  4. Well, Jeff…I think I responded a while back….but I was smokin’ a bowl, ejoying this old air check, thank Steve West and donate a few $$$ for the site, please……reading the comments again…and yes I was in the Army in the Sacramento area 1962-63-64-65…and also in Davis….with some Army room-mates: Jeff, Robert, and
    Bob. The Jeff I knew was a tall lean pleasant fellow….who never did his share of cleaning.

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