Rockin’ Ron Kay & Soupy Sales, 590 KFXM San Bernardino, CA | December, 1977

From brand new Contributor Keith Teicher, here’s a crystal clear recording of KFXM (AM 590). This is a very funny show – and considering your webmaster never heard of KFXM before this, it’s a GREAT find!

The exact date of this broadcast is in question, but Rockin’ Ron says it’s New Year’s weekend… so it’s gotta be the 30th or 31st of December ’77. Most of the music on this scope would be huge hits in ’78. There are no jingles heard on this station, just warm bodies, great voices and stacks of records. Soupy Sales stops by on Rockin’ Ron’s show on the first couple of breaks.

If I could be given the opportunity to go back in time and step off the elevator with my memory intact, it would be right here. What a good aircheck!

Thanks, Keith!