September 18, 2021

6 thoughts on “Ron Brittain; Barney Pipp, WCFL Chicago | October, 1967

  1. Looking WCFL jingle….”perfect time to listen to…W C F L…..” Possibly PAMS…
    Jingle has a beautiful Bass harmony.


  2. At this time, all WCFL jingles were written by Chuck Blore and sing by the Johnny Mann Singers. The original “Encore” package was originally done for KRLA in LA and in the fall of 1967 Blore did a custom package for CFL that was mixed in with the “Encore” package until the summer of 1968, when they responded to WLS kicking their butt with Drake formatics with the first great TM package, “The Beat Goes On.” And they stayed with TM for the nexr decade (the beautiful music format was TM).

  3. As a kid growing up in the ’60s and living south of Buffalo, I explored all the 50 KW stations I could find. It didn’t take me long to realize that WCFL, especially Brittain and Pipp were my absolute favorites and radio inspirations. The controlled chaos of the Brittain program, and all the production and planning that went into it (I realized this even as a kid) impressed the heck out of me.

  4. I was fortunate enough to be going to broadcast school in Chicago during CFL’s hey day. Ron Britain was kinf enough to let me be his gopher at the station. Some of the drop ins were my voice. Things like “Wella Wella” I spent 30 years in the bizz thanks to people like Ron.

  5. the original Chuck Blore jingles from ’65-’67 were fantastic 2 min jingles ENCORE……ENCORE!!!!! Just a totally thought out radio station Ken Draper knew what he was doing……..and the talent wasn’t too shabby either…..

  6. The great Ron Britain, King B, also did the Green Hairnet among other zanie characters. It was pure pleasure to listen to him. Where can we get more recordings of his inventive pieces? Is he still alive in Sept. 2016? I’d love to send him a note of appreciation.

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