Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York | October 31, 1965


Ron LundyThe Ron Lundy show actually starts off with Cousin Brucie doing a few breaks. As our Contributor notes, Lundy was running a bit late this date.

Contributor Bob Jones writes:

…a rarity with the Cuz having to work Lundy’s shift because he was late, and loved the crosstalk which you rarely heard back in those days

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Transistor Radio 1965 Bob Jones
This is the very radio I used…still have it…still works perfectly!!

Description by Contributor Bob Jones:

I had an Akai R2R straight from the BX in Japan..hooked my transistor radio earphone jack to it…I’d cut off the earpiece, then wire it to an RCA jack and use the “auxiliary” or whatever input and listen to it through the R2R speakers! Not bad for a 15 year old! I always had the smarts to NEVER record off the mike, but to hook it up directly! The R2R was given to me as a gift by a man that was like my 2nd dad. He bought it in Japan, actually only used about 110 v AC, but never did “fry” from the extra voltage. Used it for years until it just died. That very same deck was manufactured under the Ampex brand in the states.

You’ll notice that this is a very clean sounding recording. I had to do some ‘light’ processing to account for dips in the audio levels, and a small amount of time correction. This recording has a bit of wow and flutter at the end of it. I can’t fix that, but I think you’ll enjoy hearing this nonetheless.

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