Ron Lundy, 1430 WIL St. Louis | January 4, 1963

Date of Recording: January 4, 1963
Station: 1430 WIL St. Louis
Featured Air Talent: Ron Lundy (WABC, WIL, WCBS-FM)


Most remember Ron Lundy as the midday personality for most of the top 40 era at New York’s 77 WABC. As the story goes, Dan Ingram worked with Lundy in St. Louis at this very radio station prior to going to WABC, and convinced his program director to hire Lundy.

If you’ve never heard Ron Lundy before, here’s a YOUNG Lundy doing what he does best at WIL. Who ever woulda thought you’d hear callers ON THE AIR in 1983 – WABC almost never aired callers, until the late 70s, and in the early days of Top 40 radio it was literally unheard of to air a phone conversation with a listener. But that’s what you’ll hear on this recording.