Ross Brittain; Harriet Coffee, 106.1 WZGO (Z106) Philadelphia | September 24, 1988

Spanning the changeover from Morning to Midday drive times, here’s a somewhat rough sounding recording of the Ross Brittain morning show (“Brittain for Breakfast”).

Our ‘annonymous’ Contributor says this was recorded between 9:45 and 10:30 AM, so what we get to hear is almost constant banter from Ross Brittain and crew, the final stop set for the 9 AM hour, then the Top of the Hour ID. From there it’s into regular format, which starts with six songs in a row. Then, the final break on this aircheck with Harriet Coffee and the start of a stop set, which runs through half of one commercial before the tape runs out.

It’s a nice throwback, hearing dead segues with only ONE image liner! What station does THAT anymore?

What a great sounding CHR station this was! Unfortunately, it didn’t last too long after this was recorded. The station became WTRK on 5/19/86, then, a long stint as “Eagle 106” – WEGX beginning on March 13, 1987.

The only distraction on this recording is the ‘gurgle’ sound on the first 1/3 or so of this aircheck. It was that way in the tape deck and there’s no processing I could do to fix it. Other than that, this is CLASSIC Ross Brittain – and one you really MUST listen to!


  1. Ellis B Feaster

    Boy, that brings back memories. I’ve always loved Harriet’s presentation.

  2. Brian

    I like the old format a lot better before changing the play. Its harder to skip ahead without going too far. Plus after listening it goes all the way to the beginning instead of where i left off. Please fix these problems.

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