Sample: 104.9 KXNA Fayetteville Ark. | January 19, 2002

At Airchexx we have a pretty deep network of contributors, and some have asked to remain annonymous. But we do have the tapes!

Here’s one which came to us as a 45 minute unscoped recording of Modern Rocker 104-9 The X out in tornado alley. Something about Rock-based formats from this particular point in time, they seemed to try to present a bit of mystique… for instance, the jock identified at the beginning of this aircheck goes by “Number 2”. Okay. Who was Number One (I’m having a Star Trek moment now…)?

At 5 minutes, we get a feel for the station, minus most of the commercials but including a bit of station imaging and liners. This probably would make a decent station demo.

104.9 Fayetteville Ar KXNA The X

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