Shotgun Cook & C.C. McCartney, 104.1 KRBE Houston | 1977


And now, some Mid-70s FM Top 40 Gold! KRBE has a long history doing Top-40/CHR in Houston – in fact, it’s still the hit music ratings leader!

This features two jocks who were prominent in the late 70s during a time when KRBE’s format was a mix of Top-40 and hard Rock ‘hits’. You’ll hear that in this aircheck!

104.1 FM Houston KRBE Shotgun Cook CC McCartney


Total Time: 15:17 | Monaural


3 Replies to “Shotgun Cook & C.C. McCartney, 104.1 KRBE Houston | 1977”

  1. Garrett

    Its funny, until the middle of CC McCartney’s aircheck, there’s is almost NO DISO on this aircheck, which makes it hard define KRBE has Top 40 station from taht era. Most of this aircheck is rock! If you compare this to what WRKO and WXKS in Boston were playing at the time, the stations couldn’t further apart music wise!

  2. Gishelle Gish

    GREAT hearing Shotgun and C.C. There is also a aircheck of The BOOGIEMAN Barry Kay at the end of this air check…At the time, Barry was on 3-6… Shotgun from 6-10 and C.C. 10PM-2AM… Gishelle/BROCLAYGISH

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