93/KHJ,Los Angeles Sneak Preview; “Boss Radio” 93/KHJ Los Angeles | April 29, 1965

Sneak Preview; “Boss Radio” 93/KHJ Los Angeles | April 29, 1965

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A piece of audio we’ve been sitting on for several years which came to us on a large reel, I thought it was time to dust this off and post. This runs 31 minutes, 30 seconds, and includes segments from Robert W. Morgan, Roger Christian and Gary Mack.

You will find that a small segment of this can be found elsewhere on the web but we have by far, the longest segment of this, the first broadcast of the then-new Top 40 format of KHJ.

The success story of KHJ is documented elsewhere, both on the web and in print, most notably by former Program Director Ron Jacobs. His book, KHJ: Inside Boss Radio, published by Zapoleon Publishing, Stafford, Texas in 1992 is great reading for anyone interested in how “Boss Radio” came to be.

Perhaps the best way to remember this former RKO/General station is to simply listen. Some of you remember. Many of you are too young to remember KHJ or even music on the AM dial. But remember, while there are plenty of airchecks featuring KHJ on the web (many on THIS website), this is where it all began.

1 thought on “Sneak Preview; “Boss Radio” 93/KHJ Los Angeles | April 29, 1965”

  1. I remember during a visit to the US in the early 80’s listening to KRTH when they were running with their ‘Smokin Oldies’ format.

    My question for the brain trust. Was it Charlie Van Dyke who produced the jingles; AM 930 Smoking Oldies with that sound of the jukebox loading the record?
    I still have a couple of hours of this station on cassette.
    All the jocks of the day still sound great.

    I need these jingles & liners for my station at any price if they’re available.


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