Steve & Garry, WLS-FM 95 Chicago | June 1983

Steve & Garry, WLS-FM 95 Chicago | June 1983
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In March 1979, Steve Dahl was hired to do the morning show at WLUP FM 98, where he met overnight DJ Garry Meier. The two began to crosstalk on air during the transition from one show to the other. The two seemed to have a natural chemistry, that eventually led to Meier being teamed up with Dahl as both his sidekick and newsman. The duo became very popular, bouncing between The Loop, & WLS. Sadly, Steve & Gary had a falling out in 1993, and the team split apart. It’s believed the reason for the break-up was Dahl’s on air comments about Meier’s new wife, while the new couple were on their honeymoon. Meier blamed Dahl’s alcoholism for the breakup. Dahl blamed Meier’s new wife for the split, once saying “When I met her, I knew the rules had just changed.” To this day, there are many Steve & Garry fans who hold onto hope that the team gets back together.

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