Steve Jay, Bill Stevens; ’60s Pool Party Weekend on KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | September 5, 1998

In September 1998, your webmaster was in Southern California on business… as a trucker with Transcend Carriers out of Gill, Massachusetts. When I took loads out to the L.A. area, I used to park my rig at the Culver City Sports Center – a big ice skating rink used by some semi-pro hockey teams and area schools. I was lucky, my uncle was the manager so I always had a place to park an 18 wheeler.

To make a long story short, I recorded this aircheck on Uncle Butch’s Kenwood system. Unc always had the best stereo equipment, and so this aircheck is nearly perfect quality.

We join Steve Jay on a ’60s Pool Party Weekend. K-EARTH 101 seemed to always have multiple promotions going on at one time and this is no exception. Heavily promoted by K-Earth’s morning host and imaging voice, Charlie Van Dyke, KRTH is doing a promotion where listeners call in and invest in the station’s “Jock Market”. You really must listen, I LOVE the concept! Remember, in 1998, the housing market hadn’t taken off yet and the stock market was growing. It seemed like everyone was investing in their new 401K plans and whatever stock was hot on Wall Street (most notably, internet/computer stocks, as this was just before the tech crash). K-Earth 101 took advantage of this over exhuberance in capitalist greed and came up with this incredible contest!

As to the rest of this aircheck and the fantastic sound of K-Earth 101 during this time, I’m sure our CalRadioPD friend will be along to comment on who, what and why, since he seems to be the West Coast expert.

You’ll hear the names of most of the K-Earth 101 airstaff. It reads like a who’s who of legendary California jocks, plus a few. Even Brian Byrne, “Mr. Rock n Roll” is still on the air, which at the time of this aircheck would have been a 20 year run on the station!

Sure wish I had some “Jock Stock” back in ’98!

Scoped, this runs exactly 30 minutes out of an hour and a half recording (you should HEAR this aircheck UNSCOPED)!