2 thoughts on “Steve Michaels; Dan Mason, WPGC FM/AM Morningside MD | November 1978 and December 23, 1978

  1. You have to respect someone like Dan Mason who worked his way up from jock to Company President. DC indeed was an early “FM market” thanks to the simulcast of l580 and 95.5. the competition back then was l390 WEAM out of Arlington VA and l600 WINX Rockville, 2 good-sounding stations that were limited in covering the entire market. even WTOP when it was on l500 had problems covering the market at night. you could hear it in Maine but not well if at all in Northern Virginia after sunset. the only full-market signals were WMAL 630 and WRC 980. and the top 40 format of 980 was short-lived because NBC wanted the frequency for their NIS (News and Information Service) which didn’t last long either.

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