Steve Novack, 101.3 WSSV Saratoga NY | April 1992

Steve Bleecker
Description by Contributor Steve Bleecker:

I was often “tapped” to do fill-ins for our On-air Promotions Dir., Rob Connelly , as he was So Very busy doing race track related Remote Broadcasts…in a Huge effort to help the station “stay afloat” ! Rob is an amazing guy, now owner of not for Profit WXGR FM, Portsmouth, N.H. I was one of 3 or 4 Sales Reps. at WSSV, where I also learned Print Advertising ! We sold Print advertising (in our “Broadcaster Magazine”) as ADDED VALUE to those who purchased Radio Spots ! That knowledge would soon serve me VERY WELL in the years to come, as I became a Print Sales Rep. and Left Radio Broadcasting…For Good ! But, I hope you Enjoy my Style here in this Aircheck ! I “sorta’ knew” that “this was the end”. But, what better place to face my reality than in Saratoga…where we had some real FUN….”Just HORSE-ING AROUND “!