Steve Novack, Oldies 99.5 WGY-FM Albany (Schenectady) NY | 1992

99.5 FM Albany NY WRVE WGY-FM WGFM The River Oldies 99 GFM Electric Steve Bleecker

Steve Novack BleeckerContributor Steve Bleecker submitted this skimmer tape of himself as Steve Novack on the old WGY-FM, which at the time was one of two Oldies outlets in the Capital Distrcit.

Steve Writes:

Wow…it’s mid February- early March 1992, and I’m Doing weekends at THE Legendary WGY…The “FM Side” ! So COLD to get into my Car in Albany…and Drive to Schenectady , in Frigid Early Saturday /Sunday Morning Temperatures…But SO COOL to walk past the WGY On-Air Studio of so MANY Radio Legends ! At the time, Don Weeks did Weekday Mornings…but, on the WEEKEND mornings…I would “Wave” to Paul Cassidy (Tragically, Paul passed away just a few years later…Heart Surgery, that went Devastatingly Wrong…R I P, Dear Paul…such a very nice man…very well liked ! His “on air”personality was so real…and… Genuine…He would occasionally walk “down the hall, to say “Hi” to me, after I got MY show “going”) You see…I had been OUT of “radio” for NINE Years ! After that JBQ “thing”….I NEVER wanted to “see” a Radio Microphone again ! Or , So I THOUGHT ! Enjoy !

This is a ‘traditional’ Oldies station, in the respect that Oldies 99-5 played mainly hits from the 1960s and 70s, unlike most Oldies stations today which play mainly 70s/80s hits.

The station is now AAA 99-5 The River WRVE.

99.5 FM Albany NY WRVE WGY-FM WGFM The River Oldies 99 GFM Electric Steve Bleecker


  1. mike hotaling

    great check… and the river now owned by the bain capital gang is a bore. too bad because this station once owned by GE was a showcase for great talent.

  2. Tony

    Fine mix of oldies … Steve sounds great.

    Some of those hits you cannot hear any longer on oldies … oops … classic hit stations, or anywhere for that matter.

    Wonder why “oldies” is such a bad word nowadays. Someone once explained it to me, but I forgot since I am an … oldie.


  3. Steve Bleecker

    Thanks, Mike & Tony ! Only comment I’ll make at THIS point ~ Please don’t play, “When I’m 64” ! 🙂 Ha !

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