September 21, 2021

6 thoughts on “Steve Sawyer, 1390 WCAT Orange, MA | March 28, 1983

    1. Yes he was. Dick Partridge was my mentor… at 16 years old, that he allowed me, a KID to come in and operate his radio station! He never dwelled on or bragged about his years at WNEW. I’ll tell you something. Looking back, I think the man was very humble, given the task of trying to drum up advertising for his little station with it’s tiny signal and tinny sound. He always paid the bills and my checks never bounced. If I could go back and do it all over again as 52 year old lover of radio instead of a cocky 16 year old knowitall, I’d go in a heartbeat. The things he could teach me!

      Not sure he’s even still alive. He was 55 in 1981. That would make him 90 this year. I would so love to talk to him today.

  1. Your equipment reminds me of when I enter the radio field as a young jock at 18. A 5 KW day/1 KW night Gates transmitter that had been in operation since 1949. When the transmitter would give off an audible low pitched hum, there was an “X” circled on the transmitter panel where you were directed to kick it which always cured the problem! A pair of large transcription-like turntables with heavy tone-arms and cue burns on almost every record to boot. Between the Gates and TapeCaster cart machines I’m not sure which ones had to have their tension adjusted the most!!! Those were the “good old days.” I spent 10 years in radio and moved on to other things in 1981 (just in time for radio de-regulation) but always enjoyed that time of my life.
    Got to work with some great people at some great stations in Sarasota, FL, Tampa-St. Pete, Fl and Cocoa/Cocoa Beach, Fl. Covering and experiencing the very first Space Shuttle launch was a memory I will never forget.

    1. Portable munchies! Hahaha who was the script writer? The advertiser, of course!

      About that. I think that there were a couple of sales people in the building prior to 1983 and even during. One guy really knew how to sell. His name was Jack Nothardt. Then, there were others who TRIED. I even remember one guy’s name. John O’Gorman (don’t ask me how I can remember his name I can’t remember what I had for supper last night!). John got a few contracts but he came and went like so many others. It was and likely still IS nearly impossible to do radio sales in that small town today! Which is why I respect Dick Partridge so much. You really had to hustle up there. And he did! The stop sets were usually full, the station was in the black and even landscaped!

      Live copy… Well, after the older staff got let go between 1981 and by the time I took over mornings right out of high school in June, 1982, we didn’t really have anyone to proofread copy. Partridge usually wrote all the copy himself unless the advertiser insisted on doing it himself. Except agency spots, of course. But, “Portable Munchies”? Hahaha the absurdity of that one makes me laugh even today. How the hell did that get by us??

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