Steve West on WMC-FM 100 Memphis | August 28, 2005

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Just a few days before the cataclysmic landfall of Hurricane Katrina, I was enjoying doing another “Whatever Weekend” show on FM 100. Its funny how fate works. I never thought to record this particular evening and never had a recording of it, yet it’s one of the best from all my years in radio.

Then owned by CBS (now Entercom), WMC-FM was HOT! Trying hard to maintain a decent lead over crosstown WMBZ (the Buzz), which was in it’s death throes, PD Lance Ballance pushed the music envelope right to the edge with these “Whatever Weekends” – CBS’ (Infinity) answer to the emerging “Jack” variety hits format. At the time of this recording, I was at the end of a 4 month run as the weeknight host while they looked for a replacement to the previous host who abruptly quit back in May. So, I was it.

Enough about me. This is the hottest FM 100 sounded in years, and the amount of energy expended on air is breathtaking. Listen for rock, disco, dance, callers asking where to party, and at the tail end of this 16 minute scope, my brother Mike, stuck in New Orleans desperately waiting for a flight out back to Massachusetts. He did get one, the LAST flight out of New Orleans International before Katrina arrived.

Many thanks to Patrick in Memphis for recording this. I never thought THIS show would find it’s way back to me and never recorded it – they say you’re pretty good if others record you, so THANKS PATRICK! I’m flattered beyond words!