QuickCheck: Artie “the One Man Party, 94.5 WZOU Boston | May 1992

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

The date on this aircheck is unkown (we suspect ’91 or so), but Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks dug it up special for us…
Sunny Joe White was what this was labelled but … hey, we don’t hear him, except perhaps a cameo in the beginning.

Lots of high energy packed into about 4 minutes.



  1. Robby Bridges

    That’s Sean Valentine (afternoons on KIIS-FM/LA for the past ten years. He went to ZOU from WWKX in Providence, prior to that small town Eastern CT…Dude Walker liners and those jingles were a Sunny Joe era deal…Valentine did 6-10pm Artie was on 10p-2a…a fella I worked with in Providence Mike Murphy was doing 2-6am…JR in the morning at that time..

  2. Jim

    The company that owned WZOU at the time would fire Sunny Joe White that summer. Based on the music and the “movie loft” ad, this had to have been recorded in May of 92. WZOU had two great years in its almost 9-year legacy. The first was the year Harry Nelson was program director and the station was called “z-94”. This was the second great year. Funny thing is, when Steve Rivers took Sunny’s old job at kiss-108, kiss went to a more main-stream CHR/pop approach while Sunny Joe White stopped just short of transforming ZOU into an urban station. When Sunny left, Tom Jefferies came back for his 2nd stint as PD, and brought ZOU back to a main-stream CHR station before it became rithmic/urban as “jam’n”.

  3. Bean

    WOW this was a trip down memory lane. Yes WZOU was VERY dance/rhythmic/urban leaning during this point. I remember it very clearly as it was my favorite station to listen to during that time as a 10 year old! 🙂

  4. Bean

    Also I believe this is 1992. The songs played during the course weren’t out yet in May 1991.

  5. Justin

    Yeah that’s Artie. A year or two after WZOU flipped to Urban as Jamn 94.5, he left the station and joined Kiss 108 as afternoon host. He stayed at Kiss until 2004, no one knows what happened to him after that lol. BUT that’s where I remember hearing Artie, on Kiss.

  6. Jim

    That is NO Artie that is Kidd Valentine

  7. Jim

    The Second guy is Artie, the first jock is Kidd Valentine

  8. I remember being able to pick up a Rochester or upstate N.Y. station on a drive from Montreal to Toronto around the summer of ’91 and the guy on the weekend identified himself as Artie the One Man Party. I remember him because I laughed at the handle and thought he was terrific. I listened until I lost the signal. Had to be the same guy right?

  9. Jimmy Jamm

    Yea Artie did nights on WPXY in the early 90’s (I was working p/t there and was hoping to get that gig but he was good)

  10. Iris

    Lol.. omg that’s Artie towards the end. I was 20 and remember calling into the radio station one night to request a song. We just started talking after that and became a ritual for me to call in and just talk bc he’d get bored. If I wasn’t able to call he’d do a shoutout so I would call lol. Did a couple cigarette runs for him while he was working at WPXY and went to a few of his club gigs. We always made each other laugh. Nice guy but was a tad into himself and loved the ladies which was why I just kept him in the friend zone the whole time lol. I ended up moving away from Rochester and lost touch.

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