3 thoughts on “WKQI “Q95-5” FM Detroit | July 25, 1998

  1. Up to that point in time, WKQI had been Q95-5 since 1996, following now-retired morning show host Dick Purtan’s departure from the station for WOMC. Before that, they were known as just “Q95” and as Q95, they sounded even more like plain old Adult Contemporary despite being Hot AC (which they became around 1994 or so). Even after the switch to Q95-5, they still played some softer AC titles from their days as Q95. I Found it very interesting that Q95-5 combined AC titles with hard rock and some light rap music. In fact, Q95-5 during this time played all 80s titles from 8-9 p.m., as well as Backtrax USA (80s version) on Sundays.

  2. Susan Cruise, real name Susan Evani, lives in Seattle these days. She did weekends for me at KKWF/100.7 The Wolf for a couple of years, but now is working for online company Zulily.com doing marketing.

  3. I just stumbled upon this, how funny! I worked in these markets in this order-Cadiallc, Battle Creek, Lima, Akron, Buffalo, Detroit Long Island, Philly, Seattle..and now I am back in Detroit at 104.3 WOMC with the Wake & Bake Show with Susan Cruise from 8a-12N and various weekend and fill-in shifts.

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