The Final Demo – 1340 KATY San Luis Obispo, CA

Sounding suspiciously like it was recorded in 1976 or 77, KATY is genuinely FUN! Contributor Ron Kay fills us in: The whole idea was building a station that was very pleasant and fun to listen to…….each of us….had lattitude to mix the […]

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J.R. Russ narrates a WBUX Doylestown PA, Sales Demo | 1990

Used as a sales tool, this demo for WBUX 1570 AM, Bucks County, PA is well produced and does get right to the point, using a few air samples and a description of the station’s live, full service features. The format seems […]

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Dan Ingram; ABC Super Radio Demo | 1982

In 1982, as WABC New York’s run as a music station was coming to an end, ABC Radio laid plans for a then-new idea for a music network. This network was a complete Top-40 format, complete with major market deejays, jingles, promotions […]

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The “Bobby Blue Demo” Tape – Bob Marini

Contributor Bob Marini sure has a lot to contribute to the radio industry – he’s even got his own website! Bob sent in a few airchecks but I think it’s appropriate to start with this demo tape. This SOUNDS like a great […]

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