Airchexx Presents: The WLS Big 89 Rewind 2007 & 2008 – Looking Back at the MusicRadio Years, Part 2

“Here’s a Dropbox link to the WLS REWIND stuff. Feel free to use any part(s) of it which may service your purposes…. THANK YOU for all the hard work and sharing your curation with us fellow radio geeks! Here at Airchexx, it’s […]

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WLS 25th Anniversary Broadcast | April 08, 1985

Recording Date: 04.08.1985 Station: 890 WLS Chicago (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Top 40 Ownership: (Then) The American Broadcasting Company/Cap Cities / (Now) Cumulus Broadcasting Branded: “The Rock of Chicago” Featured Air Personality: Various Contributor: Michael J. DeLaRosa Original Post Date: 12.29.2009 Original Notes: […]

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Bill Bailey, 970 WWDJ Hackensack NJ | 1971

Date of Recording: 1971 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 970 WWDJ Hackensack NJ Format: (This aircheck) Top 40; (Now) Conservative Talk Radio (WNYM) (Wikipedia) (Website) Featured Air Personality: Bill Bailey (WWDJ/WLHT/WDRQ/WLS/others) Contributor: Sandy Bailey Associated Air Talent: Larry Lujack, Joel Sebastian, Ron Riley, […]

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Joel Sebastian, Final Show, 890 WLS Chicago | February 26, 1972

Date of Recording: 02.26.1972 Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Top 40 Station Slogan: “The Rock of Chicago” Featured Air Personality: Joel Sebastian (WXYZ/WLS/WCFL) Contributor: Jim Hampton Total Time: 31:14 Airchexx Entry: 1,518 …You’re not gonna hustle chicks here! Curator’s Notes: […]

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Ron Riley, 89 WLS Chicago | October 11, 1968

Date of Recording: 10.11.1968 Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Ronald Riley (WLS/WBKB (TV), others) Contributor: Jim Hampton Airchexx Entry: 1,487 …10:31 LS most music time Ron Riley feelin outta sight baby! How ’bout YOU?! Comments: […]

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Jeff Davis, MusicRadio WLS “AM Stereo 89” Chicago | January 23, 1985

No matter what anyone says about how WLS disintegrated in the mid-80s, this aircheck proves that as 1985 began, WLS was still Chicago’s ENORMOUS 89, and still rocking as hard as ever! Proof? Listen for a rare hair band, Guiffria (does ANYONE […]

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