102.1 South Brampton Toronto CFNY

Ted & Geets, 102.1 CFNY South Brampton/Toronto | December 12, 1985


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of Recording: 12.12.1985
Station: 102.1 CFNY Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Format: Free-Form Album Rock
Featured Air Personalities: Ted Woloshyn, Geets Romo
Contributor: Russ Horton
Airchexx Entry: 1,463

“…this should make your morning much more pleasant…”


Contributor Russ Horton writes:

Ted Woloshyn & Geets Romo. Both were famous as stars on their own, in fact, Geets was part of the immortal Pete and Geets”

From a time shortly before the station went through an identity crisis (flipping to a short-lived CHR format), here’s a glimpse of the morning show on CFNY. Ironically, the station was using the slogan “The Spirit of Radio” as its branding. The Spirit of Radio was an iconic song by the Canadian trio RUSH.

102.1 South Brampton Toronto CFNY
102.1 CFNY “The Spirit of Radio”


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