The 2nd Annual 92.1 WLNG DJ Reunion | August, 2006

92.1 Sag Harbor Long Island New York WLNG

Sent in by ‘LNG alumn Tony Marzocco, here’s what some call “The Original Time Capsule”. Most everything you would want or need to know about this still-broadcasting antique is available online, as is their live stream.

It’s an amazing listen, as jingles from all the great eras of PAMS are heard… including resings of classics from WABC, WNBC and others around the country… How they fit Drake, ABC, Q and all the great formatics done over the years in a station heavy on local news and weather and deejays that span four decades is just amazing… but somehow it works.

Listen now… Bob Shannon does the intro, then you’ll hear a few of the old jocks spinning wax, as they used to say… the way it was back in the day, on WLNG!

92.1 WLNG


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