“The Breakfast Bunch” – Charlie Tuna @93.1 KODJ Los Angeles | March 7, 1991

CharlieTunaDate of Recording: 03.07.1991
Station: 93.1 KODJ (KNX-FM/KCBS) Los Angeles
Format: Oldies
Branded: “Oldies 93
Contributor: Russ Horton
Featured Air Personality: Charlie Tuna (04.18.1944 – 02.19.2016) (Wikipedia)
Total Time: 25:00 (Telescoped)

“Hey, did you know this is national procrastination day? (caller:) I’ll call you back

This is Aircheck #1,559

Curator’s Notes

The Russ Horton collection is now filling up with gems acquired from north of the border!  Here’s the late Charlie Tuna featured on what was “Oldies 93”, a format/station sandwiched between the old KNX-FM and KCBS-FM.  As you listen, notice the format… the music is ALL 1950s and early 1960s!  Oldies the way it was originally formatted!

Tuna here is part of the morning show called, “The Breakfast Bunch”.  Tuna is great, quick witted and loves talking with listeners.

We also get to hear a full newscast and some full commercial stop sets.  This IS 1991, after all.  Right after the Gulf War ended, and just days after the Rodney King beating.

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