The “Do-Wop Shop” with Don K. Reed, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | January 29, 1978

101.1 FM New York, WCBS-FM
New York's OLDIES Station - 101 CBS-FM!

From a cold Winter Sunday night, “Weekend 101” and the Do-Wop Shop featuring longtime host Don K. Reed. There’s not much featured on this aircheck to indicate that it was recorded in 1978, other than those who remember those old jingles who might have been able to round down the general late-70s era. No commercial breaks, but Reed does do a couple of weather reports (this was right after the Blizzard of ’78 if I recall correctly) and one traffic report. Notable because no music station I know of does traffic reports on a Sunday night anymore!

This is all Do-Wop, mid and late 1950s music. A staple of the WCBS-FM format for over two decades, in fact, right up until CBS ditched the original 60s/70s Oldies format for the ill-fated “Jack-FM” Variety Hits format in 2005. Most will fondly remember this program for it’s content and just hearing Don K. Reed’s voice is a real treat by itself!

New York’s OLDIES Station – 101 CBS-FM!

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