The Ed Clancy Show on WTIX AM 690 New Orleans | October 1987

Here’s an 8 minute helping of the Ed Clancy Show on WTIX. Now, this is not from the Top 40 era, but they did play music as this was the station’s Oldies incarnation. Not bad for it’s time, and Ed Clancy is very entertaining, but with the big FMs doing music better than TIX can at this point, it’s just a matter of time, as they say.

What an amazing staff this station had! Listening to WTIX from Memphis, Tennessee was just about unheard of due to the station’s night pattern but the evening that Katrina rolled in, they stayed on their daytime pattern using an emergency broadcasting rule that the FCC has on the books. These guys were the last stations on the air in New Orleans and stayed till the roof caved in and water destroyed the studios. Most of the full time airstaff who didn’t evacuate was there, and did an unbelievable job. As we used to say in the Navy…. Bravo Zulu!



  1. Steven Green

    WTIX had a good playlist. I visited New Orleans when they were playing oldies and I heard the New Orleans version of High School USA. The first time I heard that version. Their jingles were also good.

  2. Ed Clancy

    HOLY COW! Where did you get the aircheck of my show from WTIX?? Oh..I just looked and saw it was posted by Steve West. I don’t know him..but perhaps you could have him email me. Its not the best example of my work…and I would like to send you a better excerpt if possible. Let me know.
    And thanks (I guess to Steve) for the kind comments that Ed Clancy is very entertaining. Yes I am..but you wouldn’t be able to tell it from that clip.
    Once again..thanks!

  3. Ed, I’d be happy to post another aircheck of you. I’ll be sending you the address to mail or email a ‘check via separate email.

    Thanks for writing!

  4. Aaron Handy III

    Ah, yes…the golden days of Funlovin’ 690. I was acquainted with its hybrid Talk/Oldies format in early 1988 in high school (I got a radio/recorder for a present the preceding Xmas) briefly before they 86ed the Oldies format to go All-Talk (to my dismay). I made a few recordings of WTIX-AM myself. The Dr. Dmento Show, The Lost Lennon Tapes, The Real Dan McKay…excellent material of a like which we’ll never know again. 🙁

    Thanks SO much for bringing it back. Please DO post another aircheck! 😉

  5. Aaron you might well have the only surviving tape of me on WTIX! (Can I get a copy?) After the format change I went to “Rockin’ Oldies KHOM-104” and later to program and do mornings at KISS-FM (now GO-FM) in Biloxi. I now spin at corporate events in Seattle as a mobile DJ and work in internet marketing. Steve, thanks for the Clancy memory. Wonder if there’s any online audio of his “Radio Cartoons”?

  6. Bill

    The radio cartoons from the Edwin Edwards – Dave Treen election, when Dave was running for election and EDwards was running for a third term, after sitting out for four years were “far out”. The Evil Darth Treen and the Master Edi Edwards”. Hillary and Obama could be so lucky….

  7. john

    690 am is still a very good radio station. They have a few local hosts that do a good job. And lets not forget that they have the best talk show host in the country, Michael Weiner!

    • David

      And now it’s not even a talk station with a format featuring the likes of Michael Weiner (if you mean the Michael Weiner who ‘s known professionally as Michael Savage, the host of the syndicated talk show “The Savage Nation”) anymore. It switched to a Catholic format with local Catholic programming as well as the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network (the sister network of the Eternal Word Television Network).

  8. Matthew

    hey ed or any body else could i please get some more wtix jingles and airchecks and maybe some live broadcasts plz!!!!!! i search and search and search all day for them plz and we want the MIGHTY 690 FUN LOVING BACK SO LET’S TRY TO BRING BACK 690!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amen, brother! In fact, WTIX 690 deserves its own tribute site!

      Other powerhouse Top 40 stations which have gone the way like WABC, WGH, KHJ, and WPGC have webpages celebrating their glory; I think it’s time The Mighty 690 got its due! 🙂

  9. Jason Olivier

    Ed, this brings me back. I still have pics of Morgana the kissing bandit laying a big wet one on you- kiss- in studio. Vintage 1986. Too much fun.

  10. Jay Rudko

    Aaron, you missed another great station tribute site. WQAM in Miami, once a sister station to WTIX when they were both owned by Storz, has a great site at // Check it out. I agree WTIX should also have a tribute site, but it’s generally a fan of the station, rather than the station itself, that puts such a site up.

  11. wtix does have a tribute site hosted by bob walker former tix dj just type in 690 wtix in your google…….

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